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Questions About Our Templates

What is required to use the templates ?

Our templates are designed to work with the Elementor Page Builder plugin which is built on WordPress. Some of our templates also incorporate a third party plugin. When you view the template on our store you can find information about any third party plugins under the "Dependencies" heading.

Do I need an Elementor Pro license to use the templates ?

You will be able to import our templates into your Elementor library regardless of whether or not you have the free version or the Pro version of Elementor. However, some of the imported pages do utilise features that are limited to Elementor Pro users only. We recommend purchasing an Elementor Pro license. It isn't very expensive and you are helping to support a great product.

Can I use the images provided with the template?

All of the images we use for our templates are obtained from free image websites, and as such you are free to use any of the images provided with the template with your own website.

There is one exception - you cannot use the logo on your own website. You must replace the logo with one of your own. Since your website will have a different name and branding we don't really see this being a problem for you.

If you would like us to design a logo for you, then you can place an order via out agency website.

Why do I need additional plugins for some templates ?

Our template websites are designed to provide a complete website solution with real application for businesses. Elementor is great, but it can't do everything. Sometimes a plugin is needed to add that extra functionality. We have website templates that use plugins that add booking or appointment functionality plus events management, and we have more plugin integrations in the pipeline. We try to use plugins that take advantage of WordPress shortcodes. By using shortcodes you can install the plugin that we have used, or substitute any other third party plugin that also uses shortcodes.

When you view our product templates on our store, look for the "Dependencies" heading to find out about any plugin integration. If there is no "Dependencies" heading, then that means there is no plugin integration for that template.

Do you provide support for Elementor or the plugins that you use

It is presumed that when you purchase one of our templates that you know how to use Elementor. However, our Template Product Guides do provide step-by-step instructions on how to get your website looking like our demo websites. We are happy to provide assistance in following our Template Product Guides, but beyond that, we do not provide assistance or training in using Elementor. Likewise, when you install any third party plugin we do not provide support for installing or configuring the plugin, beyond the information provided in the Template Product Guide.

If you do not feel confident about configuring a plugin yourself, then you may need additional assistance. We offer a plugin configuration service. You can contact us below or visit our agency website to learn more about our pricing.

Do any of your template websites integrate with WooCommerce

Not Yet, but it is coming. The team at Elementor are currently working on better WooCommerce integration, and we have decided to wait until this happens before releasing any WooCommerce template websites. We have some templates ready and waiting, so expect these to be released soon after the Elementor updates are released. We recommend following us on Facebook where we will announce our WooCommerce template websites as soon as they are available.

Can I use the template websites with any WordPress Theme ?

You can use our template websites with any theme that supports Elementor Integration. However please take note that you may need to adjust some of the theme customiser settings. We have installed our template websites on a number of different themes and found many require no additional configuration, and those that do usually require only a few settings changed.

Please visit our Theme Compatibility page to learn about some compatible themes and some common troubleshooting solutions.

My imported template pages do not look like the example website.

There are a number of reasons why your imported pages may look a little different. Please go through the following steps before contacting us for support.

- Log into your account and open the product guide for your template website. Read through the style guide & instructions completely. If there is a video available watch that as well.

- Visit our Theme Compatibility page to view solutions to common issues.

- Disable all plugins other than Elementor and any third party plugins that your template website requires.

- Confirm that your chosen theme will work with Elementor by creating a page in WordPress. Under Page Attributes, set the template setting to "Elementor Full Width".

- Edit the Page in Elementor and place one of the templates that ship with Elementor into your page. Publish the page.

- Create a Header & Footer template in Elementor using header and footer blocks that ship with Elementor, choose "Entire Site" as the Display Condition for each. Publish each.

- View the published page. You should see your published page, with the header above, and footer below, and it should stretch the full width of the screen. If it does not display as expected then the theme may not support Elementor. You should contact the theme developer for support.

- If you tried the above step and everything appears fine, but still does not appear fine when you use the template files you have purchased from Unbranded Space, then please Contact Us for support

Questions About Our Store

Do I need to create an account to make a purchase ?

Yes. To be able to provide you with a permanent download link and a product guide you must have an account with Unbranded Space that links you to the templates you have purchased.

What payment options do you accept ?

We accept all major global credit cards ie. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and you can also pay via Paypal

What currencies do you accept ?

Our prices are in US Dollars, except if you are making a purchase from Australia. Australian customers will see prices in Australian Dollars and checkout includes GST.

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If you have read through all of the FAQs above and can’t find an answer to your question, then please contact us.